About BallMatics

Welcome to BallMatics!  Since opening our doors in 2010, the BallMatics program has grown to become a vibrant learning centre in the heart of Toronto.

What started as a casual tutoring and pick-up adult basketball informal club has grown to include:

  • A newly renovated athletic facility downtown Toronto
  • Our signature math and basketball program, BallMatics – now a scholarly study
  • Full time basketball prep and development program with our partner Uchenna Academy
  • Elite youth basketball teams that compete in the OBA, NPH and international tournaments.
  • STEAM Engine – Camp program for youth in grades 5-8

In 2010, we started with $2/hour tutoring, gym rentals throughout the city, and the delivery of our BallMatics program during summer school, back when we called it the Retention program. We have worked hard to realize our dream of having our own space, where we can play basketball and leverage it s a teaching tool.

We have evolved our programs to include a multifaceted approach to education reform. We hope you find one (or few) areas that pique your interest and connect with us.

Our educational pillars include:

  • Full Time school with Uchenna Academy as our partner. We believe daily athletic training is important for well being of youth. This is why we have welcomed Uchenna Academy Basketball Development and Prep programs into our space, starting Sep. 2021.
  • BallMatics program which incorporates math and basketball training. This program is offered weekly and allows players to practice their math and basketball skills. We are currently developing an app that will allow us to bring the Ballmatics program to your home!
  • BallMatics Elite program is offered to serious athletes that want to participate in competitive regional and international tournaments. Players train twice per week at our facility and compete in regional and international tournaments including OBA (Ontario Basketball Association), NPH (North Pole Hoops), NYBL (National Youth Basketball League) and UA (Under Armour Future Circuit)
  • STEAM Engine Camp is offered to youth in grades 5-8 and includes at least 2 hours of physical activity along with various program topics within the STEAM educational framework. For example, participants attempt to Solve Global Health Issues, Design Their Own T-shirt, learn about Financial Literacy, use 3-D printing to make various designs during our Architecture week, participate in a Forensics Mystery and so on.

We strive to bring together the best of tradition and innovation in education. We are proud of what we have accomplished in our first 11 years of our history, including sending our graduating students to top universities in Ontario.

We invite you to contact us to learn about our approach to education. In the meantime, our registration team stands ready to be of any assistance and may be contacted at info@qsla.ca or 416.855.5572.

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