Booking Request through QSLA Community Hub

Discover the joy of playing on one of our courts in the heart of Toronto. There are two ways to book court time; either through the CatchCorner app, or for specialized bookings, connect via email.

Either way, we look forward to welcoming you in our space!

One time booking

This type of booking is perfect for a pick-up run or group practice.

Book our courts through the Catch Corner App and have your booking approved in minutes!

Special Booking Request

Do you have a special booking request not accommodated by CatchCorner bookings?
Special booking requests may include:
  • Production – local artist or large corporation
  • Special event (ex. basketball or volleyball tournament)
  • Birthday Party
  • Long-term booking
Please send us an email to or call us at (416) 855-5572 and provide details of the booking request. Please provide the correct contact information for the individual that will be the main contact for the booking.